Get Started with PixelmonFun

This guide will provide step-by-step instructions on how to get started with the PixelmonFun server. If you’re having trouble seeing the images, click them to see them better!

1) Open your minecraft client, and at the bottom right press Edit Profile, then choose the release 1.7.10 for the version of minecraft to run. Press play and let your minecraft client load up.

edit prog


2) Follow this link to download the specific forge version you’ll need to play Pixelmon 3.4 with. [Click this Link!]

3) Open the newly downloaded forge file, make sure Install Client is selected, and press OK.

install client

5) Follow this link to download the modpack we use at PixelmonFun.  (It contains Pixelmon 3.4, CustomNPCs, BetterStorage, SpawnofPsyduck,  NotEnoughKeys,  InventoryTweaks, Rei’s Minimap, and DamageIndicators.) [Click this Link!]


6)Open your minecraft client again, and make sure forge is selected as the profile.


7) Click the tab at the top of the window that says Profile Editor, then right click on the profile titled Forge, and press Open Game Folder.

8)Look for a folder called mods.  If you do not see a folder called mods, create one.  Extract all the mods you downloaded from the mediafire file above (called mods (client)).  Your mods folder should now look like this!

mods folder

9) Close the mods folder, and press play.  Your minecraft client should now start up.

10) Press multiplayer and enter in the server info.  The server address you need to input is:

OR you can use

server inf


11) You’re done! Have fun playing on PixelmonFun!

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