In this area of the site, you can donate to the PixelmonFun Server. Donators who donate $5 USD will have the option of receiving TWO (2) of the following:

1)A customNPC (any morph of your choice: human, zombie, enderdragon, etc) on your land that can either:

  •  greet players, saying a customized message
  • attack players (where the NPC is fairly weak if in your house)
  • Sell things to players

2) A SHINY pokemon of your choice (can be any pokemon BUT legendaries)

3) A public warp point in the location of your choice.  You can also choose the name of the warp point. (to access it, write /warp [warp point name])

4) $15,000 in game currency

6)64 diamond coins (used at the casino)